Co nás čeká za změny od 19.1.2013

It’s common for any car owner to go for a normal car wash in his home using soap and water. However, while this is ok, one should get a professional car washing done by a competent and reputed professional likeAuto more often than not. It actually offers you several advantages like:- At Auto, highly sophisticated cleaning equipments and harmless washing solvents are used which gives you a more thorough cleaning using less water than a regular driveway or pavement cleaning.

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Nice cars or ‘green cars’, as they are popularly known, are fast leaving the fuel-powered cars far behind since it offers many advantages like low gasoline costs, comparatively low maintenance costs and ‘zero emission’ factor. Lacking any combustion engine, they are operated through batteries and electric motors. However they too require to be looked after. Auto provides the best electric car services facilities to ensure that it glides.

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