Buy xenical online : We can't have people going through our game and killing us! So they take what see in our game, then they go through our game and kill people. There's not a lot of people taking these risks so we need to find more ways create a safe game environment and make people think twice about how dangerous they are playing. If we could, would make our game a platform for open-world player choice. That would be a world we as developers would love to build in our lifetime. RPS: What are the long term goals you have for PlanetSide 2? How do you want to develop our world in the coming years? I know you mentioned some ideas in the AMA; what will those be and how are you planning to make those happen? Chris Wilson: The long term goals for PlanetSide 2 are us to be able bring it other servers in the future, like European PS2, or PS4. We are very fortunate to have a strong developer and player base over in Europe that has been able to carry us forward so far. Now we want to move into other regions, and if we are successful definitely want to see more success from the EU server. That's really what our long term goals revolve around. RPS: And how do you want to support player made content? We've seen games like Day Z or The Walking Dead get so popular. How do you think PlanetSide 2 could support community built content, and are there any plans to do that in buy xenical online the future? Chris Wilson: We are very much in agreement with this. One of the goals SO2 early on was to create a game for players to play together, and that's definitely where we are going. So player built content will be coming into PlanetSide 2, I can say that with 100%, because no game is perfect for everything, but we are definitely making great strides to make a player built game. RPS: If there's one aspect of the future you want to change when make games you want to make, generic cialis uk pharmacy what would that one thing be? Chris Wilson: I like this question: If had my world-building talent on par with someone like Robert Kirkman or Peter Jackson… how would I make a game that was better than Lord of the Rings: xenical orlistat venta online Hobbit? I don't know if can answer that… I don't really think could. could put thousands of hours into making a world, and maybe it would be cool when gets to a certain point, but that's really an art-driven thing and it really depends who was making the game, what their inspiration was, was and the overall vision of story to tell.

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